JoJo your Hostess

Hi everyone, I am JoJo your webmistress

I thought I would make the site a bit more personal by introducing myself.

I am a very naughty girl whenever I can be, and if you read through the site you can find out how to meet me for free sex.

I have been swinging now since October 2000 when I met my future husband at my first swingers party! Since then I have had lots of fun meeting new people and of course having sex with lots of them as well.

  • I was born and raised in Canada
  • I emigrated to the UK in 1999
  • I started swinging in October 2000
  • I emigrated to Spain in 2004
  • I married David in Gibraltar in 2006
  • David and I moved back to Canada in 2020
  • I live with my husband and son in a Canadian village called McAdam.
  • I am a Cougar - Because I like my men to be between 18 and 40.
  • I am a greedy girl - Because I like several guys at the same time.
  • I am a HotWife - Because I shag whoever I want and then go home and tell David all about it.

I am an exhibitionist as you can see from my pictures I never wear any underwear and am always flashing my pussy and tits, this has led to some interesting situations with me getting laid in pubs and in parks. I love public sex, so if you have some interesting ideas where we could get naughty drop me a line and tell me.

You can see lots of photos of me in action with some of the people I have met on my site at

JoJo xxx